Professional Machine Servicing


Service means trust

Do you work with professional cleaning machines that you completely depend on every day? Then you must be able to rely on the unlimited operational readiness of your machinery at all times. You need a partner that offers you more than just machines; one that gives you the security you need so you can concentrate on your core business.

You can do your job – we take care of the service.

With 75 years experience, Kärcher‘s philosophy is to establish lasting partnerships with our customers through flexibility and our willingness to listen.
Kärcher service – we are there for you.

World class, friendly and cost effective after sales service support.

Kärcher’s service contracts focus on optimising productivity and efficiency by minimising any potential downtime and maximising the benefit of your investment. Kärcher manage a range of service contracts covering analysis, financing, inspection, maintenance and application consulting through field service support, telephone support, workshop repair support and training/demo support.

Key benefits of investing in a Kärcher service contract:

Fixed service costs / Reduced running costs

  • No one can predict the future. But the costs for machine procurement and operation are predictable. Kärcher service contracts give you full control whilst keeping running costs at a manageable level.
Scheduled planned preventative maintenance visits / Minimising product downtime
  • Maintenance and regular servicing optimise the useful life of your Kärcher machine, reduce downtimes and keep follow up repairs to a minimum.
Fast response times / Priority service
  • Service means fast response times, regardless of whether a machine malfunction occurs or you have an urgent need for spare parts. Kärcher customer service is always there when you need it.
Increased equipment longevity and value
  • Machines with a full service history are not only more reliable, but they can be resold for a considerably higher price.
Direct response
  • Utilising the latest in remote wireless technology, live connections, dedicated software and electronic signatures our engineers are constantly in touch with our service management system allowing them to respond quickly. Our dedicated phone line provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service meaning our service and technical support team are always ready to help.
Services are carried out by trained Kärcher professionals
  • Only specialists carry out safety checks, inspections and maintenance work. Every Kärcher service technician is professionally trained for all Kärcher machines. This enables them to check, maintain and repair machines on site
Reliable inspection checklists & test certificates
  • Every Kärcher machine is checked point by point with a specific inspection checklist ensuring all parts and functions are tested and recorded. Once inspected, the machine is given an inspection record as confirmation that all legal conditions for operating reliability and safety have been met.
Customised service contracts
  • Our contracts have been designed to accommodate the majority of our customer’s requirements however if you have a specific requirement we can offer a tailor made package.